Business Broadband Only

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Getting your business online, with a fast and reliable connection is essential in the modern marketplace. Midshire offer a range of telecoms solutions specifically for businesses of all sizes. We have over 13,500 telecoms installations across the UK, so you can rest assured that Midshire are experts in the business telecommunications field.

Midshire are proud to offer a range of business broadband only packages, so no matter your broadband requirements we’ll have an option that’s perfect for your business. We have a number of cheap, and cost-effective broadband packages which are specifically catered to businesses that require reliable broadband at an affordable price.

Our most basic type of broadband option that we offer at Midshire is ADSL broadband. Although it’s basic, ADSL can offer you great connectivity business grade broadband at an affordable price. ADSL broadband is available across most of the UK already, meaning that the technologies required to run it are likely already in place, meaning Midshire can get your business online quickly.

Our superfast FTTC (Fibre) broadband is ideal for a business looking to have multiple users creating high amounts of traffic. Fibre Optic Broadband offers increased speeds and connectivity when compared to standard ADSL broadband, and typically is around ten times faster than your standard broadband packages. Our FTTC broadband is designed with businesses in mind and is typically the best broadband option for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as home-businesses.

Sometimes superfast FTTC broadband isn’t quite enough for your business if you are a multi-site organisation. Midshire offer Leased Lines, which offer increased speeds, greater connectivity and reliability. Staying online is essential for any business, if something goes wrong we don’t want you to miss anything important. That’s why should there be a fault in the line, with Midshire’s Leased Lines, your internet connection will be maintained. This broadband choice is often popular with large office businesses.