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Skywell 5TE

Skywell 5TE

There is new technology being adopted by businesses everywhere, from the latest tablet technology through to cloud hosted services. The Skywell 5TE is the latest development in the way office water is both delivered and served.

The Skywell 5TE creates clean drinking water from the air around us, totally removing use of pipes, plastic and delivery trucks. You can put the slim unit anywhere in your business from corporate reception areas and conference rooms to busy corridors, connect it to a power source and you’re ready to go.

Producing 18 litres of clean drinking water every day, the Skywell5TE takes in ambient air, and collects the moisture contained within the air through condensation. The water then goes through a six-stage filtration process, ultraviolet purification and ozone treatment to ensure that it is clean drinking water. The steps to pure water are as followed:

  1. Get rid of the bad stuff
    1. High efficiency air filter prevents particles from entering the Skywell device
    2. An ultraviolet lamp kills bacteria
    3. Ultraviolet sensors ensure that water gets ample UV light
  2. The cleaner the better
    1. A four-stage water filtration removes contaminants
    2. A second ultraviolet lamp treats water
    3. Ozone treatment disinfects water without chemicals
  3. Quality Assurance
    1. Real-time water testing verifies that the water is the highest possible quality before being dispensed
    2. A final ultra-fine membrane further assures the water quality
    3. Constant monitoring of the water maintains the high quality.

How the Skywell 5TE can help your business become more environmentally responsible

Environmental targets are getting tougher to meet. The Skywell 5TE is helping many businesses lower their impact on the environment. Unlike traditional water dispensers, the Skywell doesn’t user large water bottles, reducing your carbon footprint by removing the need for large plastic water containers, or delivery services.

Additionally, did you know that water requires pumping, piping, and shipping to a treatment plant before it can even get into pipes and dispensed from your water taps? The Skywell eliminates the need for this cumbersome and energy consuming process that heavily impacts our environment.

Skywell Explainer Video

Help engage staff with the Skywell 5TE

People want to know more about their health these days, and they are more informed about the health implications that dehydration can cause. The Skywell 5TE offers the ability to create a hydration profile for each employee, so they have access to personal water statistics, such as the amount of water consumed daily, as well as the positive environmental impact they’re having giving in the unit of ‘plastic bottles saved’, whilst using Skywell .

The interactive 8” colour touchscreen dashboard allows you to easily adjust setting such as water temperature, so your cup of tea is exactly the right temperature you like, and your drinking water is crisp and refreshing. You can even brand the background with your corporate brand.

Key Specification of the Skywell 5TE

• Produces a maximum of up to 18 litres of water a day
• Hot water to maximum 97 degrees celcius
• Cold water down to minimum 3 degrees celcius
• Collection tank capacity of 6 litres
• Cold tank capacity of 10 litres
• Hot tank capacity of 0.8 litres
• 8″ customisable interactive LCD touchscreen
• User hydration profiles to track water consumption
• Monitor environmental impact and plastic bottles used.