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Office Water Dispenser

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Office Water Dispenser

The office water dispenser, like photocopiers and printers, is an office staple. There is a variety of types of water dispensers available on the market: bottled water dispensers with large water containers perched on top of the dispenser, mains fed water dispensers which filter and purify water that is fed through the mains and water boiler machines, that remove the need for a kettle. Most recently onto the market are atmospheric water generators, which produce filtered, drinking water from thin air.

Office Water DispenserWhy should my business invest in an office water dispenser?

There are many reasons why businesses should invest in office water dispensers. We’re going to outline a few of the main reasons below.

1. Water dispensers help create a happy, healthy workforce

80% of the human body is water, water helps our bodies to function properly. One of the main contributory factors to a happy, healthy workforce is hydration. Dehydration can cause headaches, a reduction in energy and a lack of productivity, especially in offices where there is lots of heat and electricity in the air, generated from computers, air conditioning and servers. Having a water dispenser near-by can help counteract this.

2. A water dispenser encourages communication

Similar to the photocopier, a water dispenser can be a great place for colleagues to have a quick catch up, especially if they don’t work in the same team. While waiting for your bottle or glass to fill up, you have a few minutes to have a quick conversation with a colleague, which might spark the newest business idea and promotes integration.

3. Water dispensers are environmentally friendly

1.8 million single-use plastic water bottles are added to UK landfills each year. By introducing a water dispenser to your business, employees should be less inclined to buy a new bottle of water every time they are thirsty. Instead, they can refill the bottle with water from the dispenser or use the environmentally friendly cups that can be provided with a water dispenser.

If you want to be ultra-environmentally friendly, steer clear of the bottle-fed water dispensers, as the water is stored in large plastic bottles, and the monthly deliveries will add to pollution. In contrast, mains fed water dispensers, or even better, atmospheric water generators, have minimal impact on the environment.

4. Save money with a water dispenser

Sickness and absence can cost a business more than just money, you lose the skills of key employees. Promoting a good standard of health amongst your employees can be done in many ways, from promoting exercise, offering fruit to all employees, and having a water dispenser at easy to reach points throughout your office. Hydration strengthens the immune system, which can mean less time off sick.

5. It’s the law

Every workplace in the UK have a duty of care to provide their employees with access to a variety of essential and necessary amenities, and the provision of clean water is one of them. So, by having a water dispenser in your office, you are ensuring that your employees are drinking clean, well maintained water.