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The use of smart phones in the workplace is more prevalent than ever. The smart phone has become an essential business tool with employees depending on them to stay in touch and be more productive; allowing access to emails and [TEL_Ent_013]Mobile VoIP Application_M04_Business Caller ID Displayenterprise applications at all times. Traditionally used by remote employees, recent studies have shown that even for employees in the office, the mobile is the preferred device for voice communications due to the familiarity of the user experience and easily accessible contacts. The rise of BYOD (bring your own device) scheme and the consumerisation of IT are also contributing factors to the rise of smart phone usage in the workplace.

Imagine a mobile client that can handle all of your telecommunications with ease. Equipped with clear voice quality and easy-to-use phone features for convenience and effective communication. WE VOIP is designed for the mobile from the mobile user’s point of view. There is no need for you to change the way you use the phone or mobile device as the user experience is always the same. Incorporating 3G dialler, HD voice technology and Wi-Fi handover capabilities to bring professionals a simple, hassle-free user experience.

Key Features:

Receive a call

  • One number, simultaneously ringing
  • Context aware delivery via WiFi or public awareness
  • Calling line ID delivered

Making a Call

  • Smart routing of mobile and internal numbers
  • Optional fast routing through enterprise network
  • Control of calling ID
  • Roaming from WiFi to mobile network during a call

During a Call

  • Seamless move to and from desk phone
  • Call recording
  • Call control, transfer, conference etc

Key Benefits:

  • Consistent high quality voice
  • Enterprise communications for mobile devices
  • Integration into the familiar mobile user experience
  • Reduction in cost and complexity
  • Integrated dialler