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Top 5 Business Mobile Phone Apps

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Almost every entrepreneur and business person today as a smartphone of some sort. The devices have revolutionised the way we live our lives, both in a personal and business capacity. However, the sheer amount of apps available to download today through the respective iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows markets means it is difficult to find the right app that can make a real difference to your business.

Below are the top 5 that have been recommended by Midshire to make your day-to-day running of your business much easier.


Evernote (Available on Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry)

The free app helps you to remember everything across all of the devices you use. You can save ideas or reminders as audio notes, write down a to-do list and share information with your colleagues. You can sync your notebook across all your devices and create shared notebooks that can be used by everyone. It is like having your very own PA, in your smartphone.


CloudOn (Available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry)

A cloud based service that allows you to use Microsoft Office on your smartphone. You can create, review and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any device, as all of your versions of your documents are saved on the cloud. You can also connect to your Dropbox, Goggle Drive and SkyDrive accounts.


LinkedIn (Available on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry)

The Facebook for work. LinkedIn is an ideal way for networking, prompting your business and finding new employees. You can also start group conversations with other business owners, following significant people in your industry, keep in touch with former colleagues and contacts and stay up to date with your favourite LinkedIn groups.


Teamviewer (Available on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry)

Provides fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Log into your computer anytime, anywhere. You can simply log into the app and your desktop will appear exactly how you left it.


HootSuite (Available on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry)

If you use social media for your business on a regular basis, HootSuite is a godsend, as it manages all your accounts in one place. It can handle multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts including LinkedIn. You or your team can send messages on multiple platforms at once, or to check customers tweets and comments while you are on the move.