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Midshire to launch Hosted PBX Solution – HostX

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Office Telecommunications provider Midshire, one of the UK’s leading business telecoms specialists, is launching its own, first of a kind, Hosted PBX Solution – HostX.

HostX is short for Hosted Telephone Exchange, a new future proof solution providing businesses of all sizes from single user to multi office organisations, with a reliable and feature-packed solution which seamlessly integrates with whatever technology the company works with.

Based on the award winning core Broadsoft Platform, HostX is designed to offer a truly bespoke solution for customers to manage their own telecommunications infrastructure, placing the management of the solution, solely in the customer’s hands.

With HostX, customers will have full visibility and control over their IP telecoms infrastructure. From the unique GUI, users will have access to the full range of clever features available, placing the emphasis of control on the user. HostX customers will be presented with comprehensive reports of the system configuration, including extension numbers, hunt groups and call barring as well as call details – including reporting on inbound, outbound calls per hour, and a geographical breakdown of calls made and received by both number of calls and number of minutes spent on each call.

Midshire has been offering hosted solutions to its customers for a number of years now and has since decided to offer the full telecoms solution straight to the customer, placing the power in their hands.

Midshire (Managing Director), Jim Callaghan adds:

“With today’s workforce becoming more and more mobile, the businesses telecoms infrastructure needs to be flexible to deal with the changing market, be it, working from home, abroad or in the office.

The Hosted PBX market is over saturated with the same solutions, giving the end user little flexibility for their needs, however we believe this all changes with HostX.” explains Jim. “We’ve utilised Broadsoft’s many years of experience and technical expertise to create a hosted solution which is feature-rich and cost effective.

When we went through the research and development stages with HostX PBX, we were determined to introduce a solution to our customers that is one of the best on the market. It was essential to incorporate the already market leading Broadsoft platform, a proven piece of software within our solution.

Being in control of our own Hosted PBX solution allows us to identify and understand issues much more quickly. Most importantly, allowing us to develop the product to the exact specifications of the end user”

Midshire are an industry leader when it comes to business telecommunications, providing businesses and organisations with the ideal platform to boost productivity and improve organisational processes through cutting-edge products and solutions. No matter the size of the organisation or the industry you operate in, Midshire can ensure you have the most technologically advanced infrastructure that can give you an edge over your competitors.