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Server virtualization has become central to businesses of all shapes and sizes. By virtualizing their workloads, companies can control and cut costs while improving the flexibility and scalability of their IT systems. There is a number server machine software available on the market but Microsoft has taken a leading role in the virtualization of servers, with HyperV, which was first introduced in 2008.

People can use HyperV to run multiple operating systems in parallel on a single physical server host.

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HyperVWhat is HyperV?

HyperV, formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization, enables you to create and manage virtualized computing environments that is built into a Windows Server.

In HyperV, each virtual machine runs within an isolated partition. Each partition has access to its own RAM, disk, processor, network and other virtual resources.

HyperV Licensing

HyperV is a built-in component of windows server operating systems Windows. Standard edition allows for up to 2 virtual machines to be licensed as the standard whereas data centre edition has unlimited licenses available for use on the hosts.

HyperV Support

Our staff are Microsoft certified professionals and have years of experience with server virtualization using hyper-v. Whether this is supporting existing environments or virtualizing your environment away from more costly vmware solutions or consolidating your existing hardware infrastructure.

HyperV Management

HyperV enables very useful management of your infrastructure utilising options such as failover clustering which enables storage that can failover to working storage in the event of issues such as a hardware failure and remote desktop services which you can provide remote desktop solutions for your staff.