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Virtual Desktop Solutions For Small Business

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Overview :

IT equipment is one of the biggest sources of capital expenditure that many small businesses are required to invest in. In the early months of a new venture, you could spend thousands of pounds kitting out your office, and you’ll only need to buy more as the months go on. When cash flow is so critical, it’s sensible to only buy what you really need, especially as a start-up business, this is where Virtual Desktop Solutions For Small Business come in.

Businesses have the difficult decision between investing in costly servers or going down the virtual desktop route. Traditional IT has always been focused on in-house server technology, however cloud technology and virtual desktops have taken centre stage in recent years. Since the early days of Citrix remote desktops, hosted desktops have come a long way. If you’ve been faced with a clunky, slow and unstable remote desktop in the past, rest assured; today’s solutions are different. Some very small businesses will run of just local devices with no local server or network and with no backups whatsever. When these devices get lost, stolen or fail, business critical information can be lost or destroyed and can have a serious, damaging, costly and lasting effect on your business, its operations and its reputation.

Our hosted virtual desktop is the perfect solution for start-ups and small businesses. There is no need for great investment in IT infrastructurVirtual Desktop Solutions For Small Businesse. Instead of purchasing expensive servers and licenses, you get access to the entire infrastructure you need, for a simple monthly price per user.

Access Anywhere

With a hosted desktop, you can work from home, then when the business grows and you move to a business premises there is no need to worry about buying expensive IT infrastructure, you just need your laptop and an internet connection to carry on working.

The ability to access your desktop from anywhere, on any device means that as your business grows, you can relocate to new premises without the hassle of moving servers and you can access your applications, emails and data outside the office on the most up-to-date versions of software, for no additional cost! Additionally, if you open more than one premises, your staff can work between multiple sites and have completely same experience no matter which branch they are at.

No Need for Upfront Investment

Hosted desktops work on the basis that there is a cost per month, per user, and you don’t require state-of-the-art devices to run it. This means that for startups, there is no need to invest in a server, nor do you need to buy every employee the most up-to-date computer to work on.

Cost Savings on Virtual Desktop Solutions For Small Business

A significant reduction in IT spend is one of the main advantages of virtual desktops for small businesses. Traditional infrastructures are expensive, maintenance heavy and require regular upgrades to keep up with technology. With virtual desktops, you can continue to use your existing devices to run the solution no matter how old they are, as all the power comes from the hardware in the data centre. The server upgrades are the responsibility of the virtual desktop provider, so this is another headache that you no longer need worry about.

A fully hosted desktop solution for one user with access to Microsoft Office from Midshire costs just £1.65 per day.

Virtual Desktop Solutions For Small Business are Scalable

A hosted desktop is completely flexible, so you only ever pay for what you use. So, as your business grows, your virtual desktop grows too – simply add replace or add new users and increase storage when required.

Backup all your Business Data

With our hosted desktop, all your data is backed up three times a day, with a 90-day retention period, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your data, it is safe and available whenever you need it. PCs and hard-drives have always been vulnerable, especially with people taking their laptops home from work or to meetings outside the office. They can be easily damaged, lost or stolen, leaving data at risk of getting in the wrong hands or if no backups are available, completely destroyed. With a virtual desktop, data is stored in a secure, compliant data centre. Data is not stored on the physical device, so if a laptop or phone is stolen, you know it is just the device, not your valuable data, that is compromised.

Receive full IT Support with a Virtual Desktop

When you sign up to a hosted desktop solution, your IT support and server maintenance is included. All of the software and updates are available as soon as they are released. Leaving you to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business, safe in the knowledge that there will be no unexpected costs when updates are required. If you need an increase in memory or a process upgrade, all you need to do is ask and the support team will look after everything.

For more information about affordable subscription options, give us a call today. Hosted desktops are useful in practically every business, and we can help you realise their potential and deploy them in an effective and managed way.