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Desktop as a Service DaaS

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud service in which the back-end of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is hosted by a cloud service provider. Also called hosted desktop services, desktop-as-a-service DaaS is frequently delivered as a cloud service along with the applications needed for use on the virtual desktop.

desktop as a serviceAs ‘The Cloud’ has become more cost effective and reliable, DaaS has grown to be one of the most popular methods for virtual desktop deployment. Kenneth Oestreich from Citrix once said, DaaS is “VDI that’s someone else’s problem.” At its most basic level that’s true: DaaS is a VDI that is hosted in the cloud by a company like Midshire. With DaaS all the hardware is managed by us, so you won’t have to worry about rack-space, hardware breakdown, or maintenance.

Desktop as a Service is a good alternative for a small or mid-size enterprises (SMEs) that want to provide their end users with the advantages a virtual desktop infrastructure offers, but find that deploying a VDI in-house to be cost-prohibitive in terms of budget, staffing and expertise.

With Desktop as a Service, employee’s desktops are effectively exactly the same, all of which are accessing data and applications through the cloud service provider, without any work being carried out locally or any files being stored on the device.

Benefits of Desktop as a Service

• With DaaS, the requirement for in-house IT expertise is massively reduced, as your cloud service provider manages all the technical IT requirements and support.

• IT resources can be reallocated for managing virtual desktops, clients, and applications, rather than servers etc.

• DaaS offers greater flexibility, mobility, and general ease-of-experience for virtual desktop users and administrators. Employees can work from anywhere they wish on any device they like.

• In many instances, DaaS allows users to access their desktops on less expensive and less powerful devices, such as older computers, thin clients or smart phones, as the power to run the desktop service comes from the data centre servers

• DaaS enables workers to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) employees can use any device at their disposal to log on to their desktop.

Cons of Desktop as a Service

• Trust is a major consideration when handing data to the DaaS provider. Read case-studies and speak to existing customers to get feedback.

• Careful consideration must be made when choosing a provider. It is essential to find out which country and where the data will be stored and how securely. Desktop Monster’s data is stored in a UK Based ISO 9001, ISO 2000 & ISO 27001, PCI compliant data-centre.

With our Desktop as a Service, you get:

• Windows style desktop

• Latest version of Microsoft Office

• 20GB personal storage per user

• 250GB shared company storage

• Access from anywhere with internet connection on any internet-ready device

• UK Based ISO 9001, ISO 2000 & ISO 27001, PCI compliant data-centre

• Secure penetration-tested platform

• UK based help-desk with unlimited desktop, remote or telephone support

• Application hosting (e.g. Sage Accounting Software, Proclaim, Photoshop etc.)

• Data backups included – 3 times a day with a 90-day retention period

• Anti-virus included

• Migration available