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IT Services London

IT Services London

When the busy corridors of the workplace mirror the hectic hustle and bustle of London streets, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the day to day burdens of the job. In a world where productivity and security are everything, a business can’t afford to overlook the necessity of IT support. Having access to a secure and reliable IT framework is part of the fundamental foundation of a company whose objectives are to develop and flourish. That’s why Midshire developed its IT Services offering to support businesses across the UK, including London.

Midshire, whose parent company Sharp has an office in London, has been a leading developer of top-range Managed IT Services since 2012. Our tailor-made hardware, software and cloud services provide businesses with complete and unique solutions that support them going forward. From physical servers and storage devices to network infrastructure and disaster recovery (business continuity), Midshire’s IT Support systems help you build the best while preparing for the worst.

Offering a varied mix of IT Services, Midshire is geared entirely around maximising returns on investments, while simultaneously minimising downtime and disruptions. We offer a range of on-site and cloud-based solutions in order to ensure swift recovery in cases of software or hardware failure. Not only do we work to salvage, we work alongside companies devising personalised plans to avoid and prevent IT failure in the first place, allowing business to continue running efficiently.

Cloud IT Services London

In the modern realm of the Cloud, we understand that it’s easy to get lost and confused, and it’s not your job to understand the jargon. That’s why Midshire has developed its own in-house, award-winning Cloud Hosted Desktop – Desktop Monster, a virtual desktop which lets staff work anywhere on an internet-enabled device. All information, data, programmes and files are stored in the Cloud, providing clarity and simplicity to your business . Launching in 2013, it only took Desktop Monster 3 years to be voted 2016’s Best Technology Product. 2016 was a good year for Midshire as we were also named Best Office Technology Supplier in the UK by the UK Corporate Excellence Awards.

Midshire is also delighted to be the only partner of the industry-leading hybrid Cloud and storage system provider, DataOn. Their Cluster-in-a-Box IT Service helps businesses to move into the digital world by offering “highly-available (HA) services and shared storage in an energy saving condensed footprint.” Midshire assists companies in moving towards a more digitised platform, so you can forget about office space constraints.

With an office strategically based in the centre of London, Midshire is in an easily accessible location, allowing us to deliver continuous support to businesses around the city. Our IT Outsourcing Support doesn’t go unnoticed with an outstanding 98% customer satisfaction rate over the past 6 months, measured through Midshire’s innovative ticketing system.