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When choosing business communications, you face two choices for you telecoms – IDSN or SIP. For most people, reliability is of much greater importance than the technology used. Here are 5 reasons why SIP trunking might be the right choice in terms of benefits for business.

1. SIP is cheaper 

No matter which way you look at it, SIP trunks are always cheaper than ISDN lines. ISDN connections require expensive circuit installs, SIP uses a simple data circuit via IP connection. ISDN – based calls are charged at standard network rates, call routed via SIP are much cheaper, even internationally. IDSN prices have remained static for years, data connection prices continue to fall.

2. SIP offer greater reliance

If your ISDN line develops a fault, your telecoms system will be offline until it is resolved. If your business is offline and you cannot take calls, you customers will go elsewhere.

If the data circuit on which your SIP trunks operate goes down, restoring the phone system is a relatively simple matter. You company calls can be rerouted over another data connection, such as your company leased lines or mobile phone, until normal service can be resumed. Customers will not notice any difference between SIP installed, disaster recovery is quick and business continuity will resume efficiently, with business operations experiencing little impact.

3. SIP offers better resource utilisation

ISDN connections are comparatively wasteful. When the line is not being used for calls, the capacity goes unused.

SIP trunking allows businesses to get more from their connection, allowing calls to share connections with internet traffic thereby obtaining the maximum benefit from the supplied bandwidth. With careful management, companies can consolidate their existing telecoms connection by using what they have more effectively.

4. SIP allows for phased upgrade

For businesses who recognise the future of business telecoms lies in SIP trunking, the technology also allows for a phased upgrade approach. Using a relatively inexpensive SIP-ISDN gateway, an existing ISDN PBX can be connected to SIP trunks, realising an immediate reduction in running costs.

Using this approach, businesses can then replace their PBX with a fully IP – compliant upgrade as and when funds become available.

5. SIP is future proof

The benefits outlined above have marked the beginning of the end for ISDN. It is highly unlikely that ISDN connections will still be available in 10 years. The rise of IP-based telecoms makes a move to SIP trunking future proof. Not only can existing hardware life-cycles be extended, but the technology is set to improve and create even  greater cost savings.

If you would like to know more about SIP trunking and how it will directly benefit your business, call Midshire Telecom on 0800 008 6038.