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Improving Efficiency With Your Telephone System

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news1-300x270Your telephone system is probably one of the most integral parts of the office technology in your working environment, and having a system installed that works flawlessly across multiple platforms is the ideal situation. Having a bespoke solution fit for your specific business needs is essential if you want a telephone system that works seamlessly across the whole office.

An Improved Telephone System

Possibly one of the most efficient phone systems to have fitted in your office is an integrated system. This allows you to manage multiple lines, Internet connectivity and even link to other related services such as fax and mobile which can be incredibly useful to the workings of your day to day business.

Increase productivity

With your integrated phone system being closely linked to other key daily operations, it can allow employees to work from a single, connected work station. This can improve your organisation’s productivity levels due to improved business connectivity. The Samsung Xchange system, for example, will connect your telephone system to your office computer.

Easy billing system

When it comes to having a larger integrated phone system, efficiency with billing is a huge difference. Since the phones can perform multiple services and functions themselves, there will be no need to subscribe to separate providers. In turn, this means an integrated bill will usually cover everything, from possible Internet connectivity to any data transfers.

Maintaining good customer service

An integrated phone system does not compromise on your customer service strategy, if anything it improves it. You can combine different functions with other daily office tasks such as retrieving data from your phone or PC. You could also check a detailed call history and have all-round efficient call handling to improve your customer service further.

Easy to use system

You can integrate your phone system to a range of different functions within the office, but they all boil down to making your daily tasks a lot easier. For example, if you integrated your system with your browser or email, you would activate a click-to-call feature which would be a lot quicker and easier than dialling in a number, and would reduce any dialling errors too. A telephone direct dial service could also be put in place for all employees.

At Midshire we understand the need to have a future-proof communications system that supports a busy and successful working environment. Contact us today if you wish to enquire about our telephone systems.