Are you considering a new phone system?
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Are you considering a new phone system?

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Why not take a look at why our VoIP phone systems are the perfect solution for businesses today.

Cloud based phone systems give you the ability to route calls in secure data centres that are connected to the internet, instead of having to pay for bulky pieces of hardware.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the technology that converts your calls into data and sends them over the internet.

Voice over IP is now a growing trend:

1995 – The concept of VoIP was introduced, by potentially sending over voice data packets over the internet rather than through standard phone lines.

Over 22% of SMEs are using the internet for phone calls

Businesses using VoIP make an average saving of £456 a year

Our VoIP phone system can easily grow with your businesses, allowing you to add new users and features when you need them. We can also easily move it if you need to relocate.

Now, business owners and their people are spending more and more time away from the office.

We can give you the ability for your mobile phone to become an extension of your phone system, with lots of the same functionalities – like being able to see when people are available, set up call routing and pass calls between colleagues.

67% think the ability to work from anywhere with the same functionalities on mobiles as on desk phones would help their organisations to be more productive.

Downtime is Costly

Don’t worry, because you are in safe hands with Midshire.

60% of businesses have suffered downtime in the UK – with 34% reporting loss of revenue and 29% seeing a loss of customer confidence.

Our broadband and fibre networks are 99.99% reliable

Quality of service is a top priority. We take time to understand how you use the internet and how many people you have on the phones, so we can recommend the right phone system and internet connection for your business.

We have a team of experts to help you through the order process and make sure you’re all set up as you want. And they’re available if you need help with anything after you’re up and running too.

If, in the unlikely event that something happens to your internet connection or you can’t get into the office, a cloud-based phone means you’re business can carry on working. Easily divert your business calls through the internet or plug your IP phones into another broadband connection.