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Common threats putting your phone at risk

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The security of your small business phone system is just as important as the security of your network. Consider if someone hacked into your phone system and compromised your company voicemail. What could they learn? You need to be as diligent about voice security as you are with data security, particularly if you use IP telephony.

IP telephony uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to send over data networks. Although VoIP offers plenty of benefits for small businesses, it also presents some security risks, some of which are the same as traditional PBX phone systems.

Four of the most common security threats:

Toll Fraud: This can occur with both traditional PBX and IP based voice systems. Toll fraud happens when internal or external users use business phones to make unauthorised toll calls.

Denial of Service: As with your server, your IP phones could also be the target or Denial or Service (DoS) attack. This occurs when hackers flood IP phones or call-processing servers with nuisance traffic in an effort to bring down the service. This is a popular tactic used by hackers to create a distraction for the purpose of executing other attacks on your network.

Impersonation: You probably rely on your phone’s caller ID display to let you know who is calling yo. But can you always be certain of the callers identity? Hackers can steal a legitimate user’s identity to make phone calls. Granted, you’d know if your colleague’s voice didn’t sound the same. Consider the consequence, though, if the caller ID displayed a client’s or partner’s company name and the person at the other end was asking for sensitive company information.

Eavesdropping: In these attacks, a hacker spoofs the IP address of a router or a PC to listen in on voice traffic. The hacker could also see data being entered on the phone keypad. As a small business owner, how many times have you entered a company’s bank account number using your phone keypad.

Voice security should play an important role in your overall business plan. Be sure that you keep information safe and secure, and look out for the little things that may look suspicious.