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H&C Lawyers Move to Cloud Telephony

Situated in the market town of Tavistock. H & C Lawyers are one of a few specialist law firms…dedicated to the financial, property and tax sectors.

About H & C Lawyers

H & C Lawyers are one of the few specialist law firms dedicated to the financial, property and tax affairs of private individuals and trustees. Their wish is to be recognised as a niche and leading legal firm of choice for the South West and for their expertise both nationally and internationally.

They advise a wide client base including wealthy individuals, land owners and trustees. A significant part of their work is tax or asset protection based with both a strong equity or property connection.

The Problem

Sharon Whyte (Director) of H & C Lawyers approached Midshire as the firm were looking to move premises to a new location in Tavistock.

Problem 1: Office Relocation

Problem 2: Currently employ a legacy telecoms solution

Problem 3: Existing billing not clear enough

The business were coming to the end of a long term contract with its previous service provider, BT and rather than simply renew, as had always been the case, they felt it was time for a review. This was driven by the need to consolidate its communications infrastructure and reduce costs across its telecoms estate.

Like most legal firms, H & C Lawyers has a complete communications infrastructure encompassing numerous telephone lines that have built up over the years, as the number of staff increased. It was always going to be a difficult task to identify and establish these legacy communications, something they knew needed an expert to undertake.

As well as the consideration of scalability for when new staff came on board, H & C Lawyers were often left confused with the existing line rental charges and call billing, as it was not transparent enough, making it difficult for them to understand and more importantly manage ongoing costs.

Finally, with consideration to the new office location, the area was renowned for being a flood risk in adverse weather conditions. Sharon required a telecoms solution which was resilient in such circumstances, offering the ability of business continuity should the situation ever arise.

Overall, H & C Lawyers felt the previous service providers business plans, whilst on the face of it seemed competitive, did not offer the resilience and flexibility needed, with many hidden costs and complex call bundles.

The Solution

It is quite common for most organisations over the years to build up numerous legacy telephone lines and rental charges, that either become inactive or are just no longer required. H & C Lawyers are no exception to this, so part of the project was to identify these legacy lines and remove them to reduce costs. Only once that process had been completed could the next step be implemented which was to transfer the lines to the Midshire. Historic, unused phone lines were identified within the firm and eliminated, reducing H & C Lawyers line rental bills drastically.

Further reductions were then made with the introduction of a HostX cloud telephone system. The firms existing telephone lines were migrated over to IP Telephony, making the solution a cheaper, yet more efficient and resilient alternative. Furthermore, the new solution was scalable, making the addition of new staff members and handsets easier.

Midshire then continued to look into H & C Lawyers issues with their current telecoms billing. Unlike before, the billing processes are now streamlined and transparent, with staff now having greater access to billing information and call charges, ensuring the firm are getting the best value.

Midshire worked closely with H & C Lawyers to make use of the company’s expertise in communications technology to deliver these improvements.

Finally, with consideration to the new office location being a flood risk in adverse weather conditions, with the new HostX cloud Telephone System, calls can be easily diverted to handsets in a different location or to a mobile, ensuring the firm is available, always. Management of its entire telecoms estate has become more straightforward, allowing staff to focus on other service priorities. Users are already commenting on the improved transparency of the billing, promoting confidence for the future.

“Midshire have provided our Telephone System for a number of years. We will not hesitate to contact them when looking to upgrade our telecoms infrastructure again. They are always a pleasure to deal with and the staff are great!” Sharon Whyte, Director, H&C Lawyers

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