#BusinessOfTheWeek: Bluebird Care
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#BusinessOfTheWeek: Bluebird Care

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This week our Business Of The Week is Bluebird Care. Bluebird Care specialises in providing high quality care in the home. As a national care provider Bluebird Care has offices up and down the country. Individual care plans are set up depending on your needs.

Bluebird Care’s first office opened in 2004, and the organisation is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. The business was founded by Paul and Lisa Tarsey in Hampshire, and is now the UK’s fastest growing care at home business.

Facts and figures:

• 200 office in the UK and Ireland

• 7.3 million care visits at home every year

• Bluebird Care visits 9,500 people every day

Bluebird Care and individual franchises sponsor a number of sports teams. Hampshire Disability Cricket Club has been sponsored by Bluebird Care since 2011. Disability cricket is promoted within Hampshire, with its cricket board has one of the most advanced Disability Cricket Programmes in the country. Bluebird Care also sponsors the Royal Navy Football Association. Their sponsorship provides kit for the Navy’s referees. Individual Bluebird Care offices sponsor other sports, such as: Indoor Bowls, Outdoor Bowls and Rugby.

Bluebird Care operates a management franchise.  The franchise business has grown to over 200 offices. More opportunities are available. Find out more information about the franchise package here.

One of Bluebird Care’s latest stories contains information about staying warm this winter. It is important to recognise that severe weather can cause higher than expected death rates.

Midshire Telecommunications currently supplies a Bluebird Care office with a Horizon phone system and broadband. Communication is vital for businesses, with telephone and broadband being the key tools to keep an organisation running smoothly.

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