#Business Of The Week: Baginton Nurseries
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#Business Of The Week: Baginton Nurseries

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This week our Business Of The Week is Baginton Nurseries, contract growers of quality bedding plants, hanging baskets and planted containers.

Baginton’s is based in Coventry and has been in business for over 30 years. They now focus on contract work and have supported Cherwell District Council, Northampton Borough Council and Warwick District Council amongst others.


• Established in 1981
• 6 acre nursery
• British Ornamental Plant Producers Accreditation

Caring for the environment is something Baginton’s considers to be important and takes steps to reduce their impact. They use recycled and recyclable packaging if available. In terms of plant growth, Baginton’s uses natural biological pest and disease control methods where possible. Failing this, they will try to use the least harmful chemical control. In addition, the nursery complies with the Control of Pesticides Regulation Act 1986.

Recently, Baginton’s has introduced a new product called celcote to its compost. This water management additive aims to reduce watering by between 25 and 50%, whilst not reducing the overall plant quality.

Midshire currently works with Baginton’s to supply them with calls, lines, PBX phone system and the associated maintenance.

Calls and lines are an important part of a business’s communication system. Without a reliable phone system, organisations will struggle to effectively communicate.

PBX phone system – Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network assigned to a business. Your telephone system is the first point of contact for the vast majority of business enquiries. PBX is flexible and excellent for centralised cost tracking.

Midshire can provide a whole range of services for the office. Communication services include: telephone calls and lines, mobile, broadband and a range of photocopiers and printers. Midshire can also provide IT support to optimise your solution.

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