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Prepare your Business with a Business Continuity Plan

Coronavirus is a concern for UK residents as cases grow and measures to contain the spread of the virus are starting to be implemented. Whilst concerning, this outbreak has given businesses the opportunity to assess their business continuity plans. What happens to your business if your staff have to self isolate, or the UK is put into lockdown like Italy? Will your customers be able to contact you? Will your staff be able to use their phones?

Government guidelines state that businesses should be ready to implement strategies to protect their workforce from Coronavirus whilst ensuring continuity of operations by working from home. Don’t let the wheels of your business stop turning just because your staff can’t get into the office.

A disaster recovery plan is essential for any business and is useful for more than just this pandemic. Any number of events could occur to make your office services unusable – from builders accidentally cutting through cables during roadworks to a natural disaster like a flood. When your staff are unable to answer the phones, business grinds to a halt.

Midshire Telecom can support your business with implementing a business continuity plan and have a variety of solutions to ensure that your customers are always able to contact you.

Hosted Telephone System

HostX allows businesses of all sizes to have a feature rich telephone system without the large capital outlay involved with a physical telephone base unit. With HostX, the telephone system is hosted in the ‘Cloud’. This means that it’s flexible and can be deployed to users in a variety of ways – keeping your business running no matter where staff are working from.

There are many benefits to a hosted telephone system:

Flexibility – Hosted can be adapted for unique, complex solutions to your business needs, in a way that is impossible with traditional telephony.

Mobility – It can be used from anywhere in the world, perfect for remote working or location changes – you can download a softclient app for your computer or mobile phone!

Quality – Significantly improved quality of voice and data, even for long distance connections.

Peace of Mind – Cloud-based technology means data can be backed up in real-time for easy retrieval and assurance.

Security – Internet connection allows for more secure voice and data transmission, through stronger encryption.

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Collaborate works alongside the HostX platform to provide unified communications – right from your computer.

Instant Messaging – Online chat between users.

Video Calling – Create a stronger collaborative experience using visual communication from mobile or desktop app.

Presence – Shows personal status that helps define the best way to communicate.

Hosted Telephone System Features – The full telephony feature set and service including bundled minutes.

SIP Trunk Call Manager

SIP Trunk Call Manager provides powerful business continuity as standard. It gives you the ability to manage your entire number estate and all aspects of your inbound telephone calls from the convenience and flexibility of your mobile phone or computer.

Diversion to another number instantly – you can create diversion plans or activate pre-existing plans instantly via a web browser or smartphone app.

Huntgroups – route calls to multiple different staff.

Call queuing – Queue calls with comfort messages on the network, rather than on your on-premise telephone system.

Call statistics – run reports on inbound calls to ensure you’re talking to your customers.

Email alert on missed call – if you do miss a call, make sure you have the detail to return it.

Voicemail – on-network voicemail, demonstrating great customer service to your customers giving them an option to leave a message when unavailable.