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BT Openreach G.Fast Broadband

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 The Introduction of 330Mbps G.Fast Broadband

Do you pay an arm and a leg for a service that promises superfast broadband speeds, only to find that it takes an age to access your emails?

Well things are soon to change…

BT Openreach has begun the first phase towards rolling out its new eye watering Broadband. G.Fast is a new type of broadband technology that promises “up to gigabit speeds,”. Waiting for that all important web page is now going to be a thing of the past.

In a recent connectivity exhibition, BT Openreach introduced its new G-fast service as well as an improved Fibre Infrastructure (FTTP) which will allow Internet Service Providers to directly install fibre from the cabinet to the premises.

The G-Fast service will trial provisionally in Swansea, Gosforth, and Huntingdon.

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