BT & Crimestoppers Unite - Copper Broadband Theft
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BT & Crimestoppers Unite – Copper Broadband Theft

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You would think in this day and age, the most commonly stolen metal would be Gold or Silver. Well you would be mistaken, as it is actually Copper!

Copper thieves cause despair amongst the wider community every year by stealing BTs copper telecoms and Internet cable out of local cabinets, leaving you disconnected from family and friends.

To combat the continuing issue, BT and Crimewatch have now come together. With rewards of up to £1000 for information leading to arrests and subsequent successful convictions, the battle is on to drive copper theft down.

Rodger Holden, Crimestoppers Director of Business Development, said:

Crimestoppers and Openreach’s partnership continues to go from strength to strength and reaffirms our commitment to tackling an issue that can be highly disruptive to communities across the UK.

Cable theft and damage to the network is an issue that doesn’t seem to want to go away, and through working with Openreach and the support of the public, we hope we can eradicate this problem and ensure businesses and communities do not have to suffer any longer.”

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