TalkTalk Business (TTB) - Midshire

TalkTalk Business (TTB)

TalkTalk Business (TTB) is a leading player in the development and delivery of next generation IP based converged voice and data services. Their team consists of over 800 professionals; all based in the UK, with an award-winning passion for their partners.

As a TalkTalk Business (TTB) partner we benefit from a wealth of support, tools and online resources to support and enhance our sales and service.
TalkTalk Business has been serving the needs of businesses for almost 20 years. With future-proof, scalable technology, dedicated support and Next Generation Network TalkTalk are already getting businesses ready for the next chapter.

The TalkTalk network is built for business, providing our customers with flexibility and reliability. Get a quality level of service with an extensive range of networks available from Midshire.

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